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Our Mission: To provide access to Certified marijuana doctors, nurses, clinics, and dispensaries for qualifying MMJ patients requesting alternative treatment.

Licensed medical marijuana doctors in your state evaluate and provide medical marijuana recommendations for patients looking to compassionate care for their medical condition(s). Use this search tool to find one of them near you.

National Medical Marijuana Card Services advocates for the rights of patients seeking all forms of pain management satisfaction. Our map consists of State licensed compassionate care doctors and clinics who have received the highest level of instructional training as it relates to the medical cannabis card certification process and are regarded as experts in all aspects of medical marijuana card certification, evaluation procedures, and patient recommendation. They provide compassionate care education to patients and follow-up patient-doctor services. Knowledgeable, experienced, and compassionate medical marijuana professionalism are reasons why these medical marijuana doctors and medical marijuana clinics have successfully assisted patients in obtaining relief from chronic pain. Find a doctor now!

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Writing a recommendation
  • Create relationships that are mutually beneficial
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  • Deliver the unexpected