Cannabis doctors are committed to patient care

    The National Medical Marijuana Card Services team is committed to helping medical marijuana patients locate medical cannabis physicians and dispensaries near by and provide information regarding the process of obtaining medical marijuana cards. By providing these services, patients have the physician and dispensary information they need to make informed decisions as they seek medical cannabis for their qualifying conditions.

    Belief in Cannabis-Based Therapy

    At National Medical Marijuana Card Services, we are of the belief that cannabis-based therapies are ones that may be able to replace more traditional forms of treatment and negate the use of opioids and other addictive substances. The use of cannabis-based therapy continues to advance, and, in many cases, leads to an increase in the quality of life for cannabis patients which is the primary goal of medical cannabis.


    As medical cannabis physician recommendations are key to cannabis patients obtaining their medical marijuana cards, having an adequate number of physicians licensed to recommend medical cannabis is important. Physicians who meet the requirements and wish to be licensed to recommend medical cannabis typically must complete a two to eight-hour training course and an examination (both of which are provided by the Medical Association and the Osteopathic Medical Association). However, in some states, special training is not required, but the doctor must be licensed and in good standing with the state. When required, a physician must complete the training course each time he or she renews their license.


    At National Medical Marijuana Card Services, we are physician and patient focused as we work with medical cannabis physicians to help them become more visible when cannabis patients are seeking a recommending physician in their area. We welcome cannabis doctors and offer services to better help increase the number of patients seeking medical cannabis through that physician’s practice.

    Better Quality of Life

    In terms of marijuana dispensary options, our platform allows patients to view marijuana dispensaries near by. An informed medical cannabis patient has the tools needed to successfully complete the process of obtaining a medical marijuana card which, again, puts medical cannabis patients on the path to a better quality of life. We value the role medical cannabis doctors and dispensaries play in ensuring qualified medical cannabis patients receive the medicine they need.