One interesting aspect regarding marijuana in the United States, and how the laws vary state-by-state, is delivery. Delivery is important, especially in the medical marijuana world when it becomes difficult for patients to travel to their local dispensary. Not everyone has the luxury of living near a dispensary, and those that do may still find it challenging to regularly visit for medical reasons. During the pandemic, delivery helped some states dispensaries safely dispense marijuana to medical and recreational patients alike. In fact, some states that weren’t allowing deliveries before the pandemic made temporary changes to laws permitting delivery, and something tells me some of those changes are going to stick.

The reason delivery is legal in some states and not all states are differing state-by-state marijuana laws. Certain states do not allow delivery, and some of those states may surprise you! For example, while Maine will allow for the delivery of medical marijuana, they have yet to permit recreational delivery. Minnesota, on the other hand, does not permit the delivery of medical marijuana by dispensaries but will allow for a patient’s caregiver to pick it up for them. While Colorado is renowned for its marijuana, the legality of delivery is determined by municipalities. This means depending on where you live in Colorado, marijuana delivery may not be an option. Some states allow third-party delivery, some like Florida will only allow delivery to be taken care of by the dispensary. 

In the states where delivery is not allowed, the different state’s reasonings vary. Ultimately, this changes nothing for the patients, who have to travel across huge states like Alaska or Texas to get their cannabis. For many reasons delivery would make the patient’s lives easier, but certain states haven’t figured it out yet. 

Meanwhile, in one of the states where delivery is available, I, as a Florida medical marijuana patient, can personally attest to delivery being a game-changer. Having the option of getting my medical marijuana delivered to me fits perfectly into my lifestyle. When I need medical marijuana and don’t have the time for delivery, being able to go to a dispensary personally is easy as there are dispensaries close by. It is good to have the option of delivery or pickup.

Delivery is especially important in the bigger states, especially the ones with fewer dispensaries. Whether a patient or a customer, it just makes sense for your state to allow for deliveries. It helps the dispensary, the patient, and depending on the state the third-party delivery service!