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Doctors Are Recommending Marijuana in 33 States

To access your state’s marijuana dispensaries, patients must first obtain their Marijuana Card. National Medical Marijuana Card Services is the trusted gateway for patients searching for safe access to medical marijuana treatment in their state. We provide patients options for selecting a certified marijuana doctor and requesting an appointment for a medical marijuana evaluation.

We are here to help you find a doctor or clinic in your state to get a recommendation for safe access to medical marijuana.

Qualify and You can:
- Purchase Medical Marijuana At Dispensaries in your state
- Legally Possess And Use Medical Marijuana in your state

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    Telemedicine for marijuana visits

    Check with your MJ doctor to see if he or she will provide a Telemedicine evaluation or renewal.

    You’ve heard the phrase, “We’re all in this together.” Before COVID, many legal marijuana states did not allow telemedicine for marijuana patients. Recent pandemic stay-at-home orders have highlighted the need for telemedicine now more than ever before. Many marijuana legal states are allowing medical marijuana telemedicine for evaluations and renewals.

    During this time, many states have deemed marijuana dispensaries and the cannabis industry at large as essential business, allowing MJ patients to continue to obtain their cannabis medicine.

    Our Mission: To Provide Access To Certified Marijuana Doctors, Nurses, Clinics, And Dispensaries For Qualifying MJ Patients Requesting Alternative Treatment

    Licensed medical MJ doctors in your state evaluate and provide medical marijuana recommendations for patients looking to compassionate care for their medical condition(s). Use this search tool to find one of them near you.

    National Medical Marijuana Card Services advocates for the rights of qualified MJ patients who seek relief from chronic pain, anxiety, seizures, tremors, and PTSD, to name a few conditions states consider as warranting the use of medical cannabis treatment. Each state determines which medical conditions qualify for medical cannabis treatment while a few states don’t have a list of qualifying conditions but rather allow MJ doctors and providers to determine if a patient’s condition would benefit from medical cannabis. Our map consists of state licensed compassionate care doctors and clinics who have been vetted by the state and serve as authorities regarding the process for applying for a medical marijuana card, including doctor evaluation procedures and patient recommendations. Some states don’t issue MJ cards or don’t require the possession of a marijuana card; however, patients must still go through the process of being approved for medical cannabis by the state.

    MJ doctors provide compassionate care to patients while striving to improve the quality of life for their patients.

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