In order to obtain your Medical Marijuana Registry, you must have the following information:

• Signed and Dated State Medical Marijuana Application Form
• Marijuana Doctor, Cannabis Nurse or Compassionate Care Clinic Certification
• Photo ID or State Drivers License

*NOTE: Your State Process May Be Different

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In most states, you must apply to the state Department of Health to obtain a medical marijuana card which is step five. Please note caregivers must also submit a complete application to obtain their own medical marijuana card. In some states, you may apply online or via mail. Generally, you must provide a passport-type photo. In some states if you apply online and are in the Division of Highway safety and motor vehicle state ID system, and the information matches the information given by the medical marijuana doctor, that photo is automatically added to your application. Other common documents required by the state for the application process are a driver's license, military ID, and other proofs of residency. Your doctor or you will likely need to upload or mail your medical marijuana recommendation to the state. Please ask your doctor if he or she can submit the recommendation for you. For online applications, you may submit online your payment information for the processing fee. For paper applications, you will need to submit your processing fee payment with your mail-in application. The application processing fee varies state to state.