Receiving your medical marijuana card or Certificate

Now that you received a Medical Marijuana Card or certificate, you may only purchase approved types of medical marijuana sold only at state-monitored Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers or dispensaries.

Some state's don’t require you to obtain a physical medical marijuana card as part of their medical cannabis programs; however, you still must apply for state medical marijuana program registration. You’ll also want to review your state medical marijuana program renewal rules, so you don’t run out of medicine due to not completing the renewal process in ample time.

*NOTE: Your State Process May Be Different

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Receive your medical cannabis. Search for a dispensary, medical marijuana treatment center, or marijuana pharmacy using the search tool on this platform. It is important to note the types of medicine offered vary depending on the dispensary, so you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the various marijuana products offered at the dispensaries near you to determine which facility offers the form of cannabis you need. Types of medical marijuana products include liquids, inhalers, capsules, and marijuana CBD oils for vaporizing. Some legal marijuana states have declared edibles, and smoking the flower of the cannabis plant, still illegal and not included in the "approved medical marijuana types."

It is suggested you always keep your medical ID card with you.