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The first step to getting your state approved Medical Marijuana Registry Card is to request an appointment with a state licensed medical marijuana doctor, cannabis nurse or compassionate care clinic. For your convenience, National Medical Marijuana Card Services assists patients with compassionate care alternatives that are right for you.

*NOTE: Your State Process May Be Different

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At National Medical Marijuana Services, we understand the process for obtaining a medical marijuana card can be a bit confusing, so we provide this step by step guide on obtaining a medical marijuana card in legal marijuana states. The first step is requesting an appointment with a licensed medical marijuana doctor in a marijuana legal state. The National Medical Marijuana Card services platform enables you to search for licensed medical marijuana physicians near by you, so you may select the medical marijuana doctor of your choice. Please note the laws and regulations differ from state to state in terms of the process for applying for a medical marijuana card.

Depending on state law, you may be able to consult with a medical marijuana doctor via a telemedicine appointment, a virtual or phone appointment. Not all legal marijuana states allow marijuana telemedicine, and even if the state does allow it, not all doctors participate in telemedicine. Thus, you’ll want to select a medical marijuana doctor with these two points in mind. You may find more information regarding telehealth or telemedicine as it relates to medical marijuana on our platform under the heading marijuana telemedicine.