Bring your medical Documents For Review

Upon receipt of your medical records, marijuana doctors, cannabis nurses and compassionate care clinics thoroughly review the records to determine if you qualify. If additional documents are required for the review, a staff member will contact you and let you know which documents are needed.

If you qualify for the marijuana registry program, a representative will call you to schedule your first appointment.

*NOTE: Your State Process May Be Different

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Bringing your medical documents for medical marijuana doctor review is your third step. You will need to provide proof of identification when you see your medical marijuana doctor. You will also need documentation of your medical condition that supports your diagnosis. If applicable, you may need to provide a list of current medications. Medical documentation may also include X-rays, MRI's and any other test results that may be pertinent to your medical condition. Your appointment will entail the marijuana doctor, compassionate care clinic, or cannabis nurse consulting with you to determine if your medical condition qualifies you to apply for a medical marijuana card. Payment for the medical marijuana doctor consultation varies greatly, so be sure to ask the doctor's office what the total costs will be before your appointment.