The State of Pennsylvania

PA Medical Card Certification or Renewal Online

The total cost of a new patient cannabis certification for a Pennsylvania marijuana card online is $199, and recertification or renewal online is $149 ($50 state application fee is not included).

Our consultations are Risk-Free and if the physician determines that you do not qualify, you don't pay. We have a 99% approval rate and offer a 100% money back guarantee! Speak with a real marijuana doctor online and get instant access to your cannabis certification. Then, visit your local dispensary and receive your medical cannabis products.

To get started, create your account. Then, check email for requirements to see your marijuana doctor.

This includes:

1. Completing Patient Information

2. Completing Patient Consent and Waiver

3. Completing State MMJ Consent

4. Submitting a Copy of your Driver’s License or State ID

5. Submitting Medical Records for your Qualifying Condition, or MJ Card (renewal)

6. Make Payment for your Telehealth Visit

7. Register with the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program

Appointments are scheduled within 24 hours!

PA Medical Marijuanas Card

If you are a medical cannabis patient, talk to a real marijuana doctor and get your cannabis certification or renewal with a telemedicine video call. National Medical Marijuana Card Services can approve your medical marijuanas card PA I.D. Once you register on our website, you will be connected to one of our Pennsylvania Department of Health approved physicians to start your evaluation and recommendation.

If you qualify, our physician will provide you with a medical marijuana use certification that may be used to apply with the Pennsylvania Department of Health Services. Medical cannabis patients can qualify for a variety of ailments and illnesses where medical cannabis has been proven effective to alleviate symptoms. You may qualify if you have been diagnosed with one of the conditions recognized by the state or another condition with comparable severity and symptoms. After your online certification is approved, and you’ve paid and submitted the State Application, the Pennsylvania Department of Health will mail you an official medical ID card within 14 days. You, the cannabis patient or legal guardian, can visit a cannabis dispensary, purchase and receive your medical cannabis.