• Tamara Sachs, MD
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    Follow up: 150.00
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    Compassionate: 175.00
Tamara Sachs, MD

Medical Cannabis Doctor

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Dr. Tamara Sachs has focused exclusively on a comprehensive, holistic, personalized approach to uncover the root causes of chronic illness, accelerated aging, and general lack of vitality since 2003. Her extensive experience and training shaped her unique and effective approach to health and healing. 

Dr. Sachs graduated with honors from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City and completed her Residency in Internal Medicine at Saint Raphael Hospital and Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree with Honors in Molecular Biology and Philosophy at Hunter College, and prior to that studied Naturopathy in France for three years.

After residency, she worked for several years as an Emergency Medicine doctor in New Haven, and then for a decade as a primary care doctor. In 1998, Dr. Sachs turned her focus to Clinical Nutrition, Toxicology, Integrative and Functional Medicine, and dedicated several thousand hours of accredited advanced medical education to this field.

She is a graduate member of the Institute of Functional Medicine and uses other alternative modalities in her office, including Frequency Specific Microcurrent, to help patients recover from chronic inflammation and pain syndromes, especially Fibromyalgia.

Dr. Sachs lectures frequently throughout the United States and Canada. She is passionate about teaching people how their bodies work and providing tools to make healthy living easier, more convenient and affordable.