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Southwest MO Wellness Center

Medical Marijuana Doctor

Missouri Medical Marijuana Recommendations

At Southwest Missouri Wellness Center, we provide medical marijua physicals.  

Our provider and owner, Dr. Brian Murphy, reviews your medical records, performs a physical exam, and approves you for medical cannabis! The State of Missouri is now allowing patients the opportunity to apply for an identification card from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS). Once your application is approved and you receive your identification card, you may purchase medical marijuana from a Missouri state-licensed dispensary.

Our staff is professional, friendly and your privacy is of utmost importance to us.  This is a safe, judgement-free zone!



  • No Judgement
  • Quick
  • Patient Centered
  • Location in Joplin
  • Medical Marijuana Card
  • Physicals by Licensed Doctor
  • Affordable
  • Friendly Staff
  • Location in Jane
  • Medical Cannabis Card

Any condition already diagnosed by a doctor may qualify.  


*More info at: http://swmowellnesscenter.com/medical-marijuana/

Gather Your Medical Documentation.

Bring supporting medical documentation along with your Missouri ID to your appointment. Proof includes medical records, office visit notes or a letter from your doctor.

*More info at: http://swmowellnesscenter.com/medical-marijuana/

A registered Missouri medical provider will examine you, review medical records, assess your medical history, maintain your patient records and provide follow-up care as needed.  

*More info at: http://swmowellnesscenter.com/medical-marijuana/