Commentary: Don't the elderly deserve relief too?

  • Posted On : Feb 26, 2018
  • By : Herbert Flowers
  • Source : National Medical Marijuana Card Services

A recent article we posted on our Facebook detailed a woman living in an Assisted Living Facility in Florida, who despite going through the process of seeking and successfully gaining approval for the use of #medicalcannabis, was denied the right to medicate by the place she lived. They mainly cited their uncertainty regarding their federal funding if they allowed their resident to use a medication that remains federally restricted. To a lesser extent, the faculty indicated they didn’t know how they would manage medical cannabis for their residents.

The bottom line is, this Assisted Living Facility wasn’t prepared. It's likely that this is the case more often than not as many #seniorliving and health care facilities are faced with the implementation of their states medical marijuana laws. The question these facilities face, how do we support the rights of our residents, adhere to our states laws, and protect ourselves from penalty under the current federal scheduling of #cannabis? Not an easy question to answer and certainly a valid concern as we charter these new waters. I expect that over time and with continued acceptance as a valid medicine, these issues will be effectively managed. Until then, we keep our focus and work towards the goal of federal rescheduling and reciprocal state laws so patients like this one can get the medicine they need.

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