You Have the MMJ Card, So Now What?

Medical marijuana is a growing alternative to traditional medical treatments for a variety of medical conditions. More and more people are taking the leap and applying for their medical marijuana card if they live in a state that has medical cannabis access laws. A medical marijuana card entitles patients to buy marijuana from a dispensary or medical marijuana treatment center.

National Medical Marijuana Card makes it simple to search for marijuana doctors online and find a licensed retailer near you. While not all states accept out-of-state cards, some states do allow patients from other states to purchase cannabis legally. Here’s a quick guide on how to use a medical marijuana card to buy medical cannabis products.

Find a Dispensary
Now that you have a medical marijuana card, you can go out and find a retailer that sells cannabis products. Patients that can’t grow their own marijuana can turn to a caregiver or retailer that provides legal marijuana.

Depending on your state’s marijuana laws, you’ll be able to buy from a dispensary, pharmacy, or state-run medical center near you. Patients who sign-up with a retailer after approval can purchase medical marijuana products allowed by the state. It’s important to buy from legal dispensaries instead of unregulated black market dispensaries that offer questionable products.

Visit a Dispensary and Purchase Medical Marijuana
Search through providers to find a highly-rated one and pay them a visit with a valid marijuana medical card and a form of identification. Most dispensaries and providers are set-up like a professional medical clinic. Patients present their recommendation and ID to the front desk, sign some paperwork to join the collective, and gain access to their variety of cannabis products.

Signing up with a dispensary enables patients to buy different types of medical marijuana products including edibles, topicals, extracts, tinctures, capsules, drinks, syrups, gummies, candies, and the list goes on. Most states have limits on purchases and product concentrations to reduce the risk of overmedication.

Medical Marijuana Card Benefits
As more states continue to legalize recreational cannabis use, many medical patients are considering stopping using medical marijuana cards. Using a medical card has plenty of benefits not afforded to recreational patients. For example, medical cardholders usually pay less for their products due to lower taxes and lack of excise taxes for medical patients. In Colorado, medical patients avoid paying the 10% retail tax and 15% excise tax.

Additionally, medical marijuana cardholders can expect to buy products with higher strengths. Some medical patients have reported needing marijuana with a high concentration of cannabinoids to alleviate their symptoms. In California, medical patients can buy lotions and tinctures with up to 2,000 mg compared to 1,000 mg sold to recreational consumers.

Finally, recreational laws only apply to those who are 21 and over. Medical cards across the nation enable those who are 20 or under to access medical marijuana for therapeutic purposes. Some states also allow medical cardholders to grow more cannabis plants than recreational patients to relieve their medical condition.

Keep in mind, your medical marijuana card will eventually expire. Medical cards are usually valid for 12 months, sometimes less. Once it expires, you won’t be able to use it to purchase cannabis. Renewing with National Medical Marijuana Card can help you avoid any gap in your medical treatment. As a free medical marijuana search tool, you can use it to find certified providers today.